Nobel Energy

Our identity

The logo

The logo embodies transition in the energy sector from fossil fuel energy, represented by the orange color, to cleaner energy, in blue, through sustainability (purple). The target is green, renewable energy which is supported by innovations shown in the darker blue color. Innovation, a significant part of Nobel brothers’ heritage, also highlights an Explorer archetype of the brand, which underlines an innovative approach to business through investing in people.

The logo sign also symbolize the letter ‘N’ (of Nobel) and windmill expresing resilience and sustainable energy. Various shapes combined in the logotype refer to rich and diverse portfolio of the Nobel Energy Group.

The brandline

The Nobel Energy brandline reflects all our brand archetypes – Caregiver, Sage and Explorer. It builds on the Nobel Family’s heritage, which underpins their focus on people – their safety and well-being – and ensuring sustainability through innovative solutions.

The brandline underlines Nobel Energy’s approach to both business and the sustainability of resources. Every client who trusts us their business deserves to know: why Nobel Energy? And the answer is straightforward: Because we care. We are committed to jointly writing the success stories of our customers by providing the best expertise and integrated solutions required to achieve safe and efficient results.

Our intention and promise to join the ‘green train’ has a purpose: Because we care. We are committing to environmental sustainability by adding a new, green segment to our portfolio and undertaking other low carbon interventions.